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Clothing dresses, makeup, hairstyles and more for gorditas.
Fashionable elegant and casual dresses, prom dresses, short dresses, long dresses, makeup and hairstyles. Gorditas trends for all ages, secret tips and more.


It is sometimes difficult for young teenager and gorditas find fashionable clothes for certain occasions. Many times they want the clothes you saw a thin girl, but know q the result is not the same in them, some do not care but I put up with certain inconveniences.
I think the teenager today are so creative, they should not only imitate but create also have to impose their style.
If you're a teenager and you want to imitate a style, but adaptale do something creative in the areas you want to decrease or increase according to your strength.
No clothing found in stores, but you can send them to do as they wish and also look much more beautiful and original.


By selecting your evening attire the things you should consider are: your body shape, color of your skin, the place you go to the party, time and weather.
Some recommendations of the details so you can look wonderful and very comfortable according to your body shape.
If you have buxom V necklines are the most suitable, avoid any type of adornment that high.
If you have little bust or embroidered strapless draped bust height to suit you and the halter neckline or waist corsette type with molded cups.
If you have broad shoulders: avoid very skinny straps and opt for sundresses wide or asymmetrical necklines.
If you have broad waist: the waist dresses with Corbett type will help to make you look more acinturada.
If you want to use it belt under the bust, not the waist.

If you have wide hips prevents glued or embroidered dresses to hip height, dressed in A line skirt or empire that hide hips.
If you are petite avoid strapless dresses or bicolor; highest will wear a plain dress, one-shoulder or halter neckline.
If you are tall you will look great with dresses in patterned fabrics, strapless necklines and dresses with the waist of a skirt color and another.

Look for gorditas

It was history that had to conformarsen gorditas with a look outdated and old fashioned. In this article we offer gorditas look for some tips, tips and tricks for you highlight your best features and subtract relevance to what you do not like about your body.

For a sexy look, no matter the weight you have, this is what we recommend:
LOOK FOR GORDITAS No. 1: Stresses the positive or what you like. We all have a part of our body that we like more. You may have a pretty face, healthy hair, glowing skin, long legs, a narrow waist, nice eyes, a mouth pretty, etc.. Highlights this part of your body that you like, in this way you will attract the eyes toward that part of your body.

LOOK FOR GORDITAS No. 2: Feel good about yourself. Have confidence in yourself and stay positive reveal your self to the fullest. There is nothing better you can show and feel good about yourself and prove to others.

LOOK FOR GORDITAS No. 3: Keep your hair and flawless makeup. For're beautiful from head to toe should always wear makeup according to your face shape and your hair should be cut according to the shape of your face, this two things complement your look.
You can opt for natural tones for day and brighter colors for the night. A long hair, bulky and well maintained is the best choice to give general balance your figure. Do not take it very short and clear face because it will totally despropocionado with the rest of your body. If you have very short, opt for extensions may well be mullets or wavy. If you follow these options you will feel more beautiful and sure of yourself.
LOOK FOR GORDITAS No. 4: Wear clothes that shape your figure. You should not hide your figure with large loose clothing will make you look thicker. We're not telling you to wear tight clothes because they also miss class, but if you wear clothes a little tight and mark your curves and you can play with shapes and colors. You should not feel embarrassed about your body, you can wear clothes that show your best of your curves.

LOOK FOR GORDITAS No. 5: Use a single color. To look thinner using a single color or play with different textures and lengths as well as combining different colors of the same tone, in this way you will give uniformity to your look while thinner look like.

LOOK FOR GORDITAS No. 6. Your best ally is the color black: black color besides make you look more elegant will make you look more slender and slim. When you want to highlight any part of your body chooses this color. And because black goes with everything, hold several garments and accessories in different styles in black.
LOOK FOR GORDITAS No. 8: Prints: If you like the prints can take as long as the know choose. The type prints abstracts designs, polka dots and flowers you will be simple either. If you are petite medium size grip 'em and if you are tall you can take them a little bigger. You can combine your clothes printed with a single color but avoid using patterns in your bulky areas.

LOOK FOR GORDITAS No. 9: Stripes. Avoid horizontal stripes make you look wider for thicker, opt for thin vertical lines as it will make you look slimmer and taller.

How to make up a round face

in this section we are going to talk about some tricks to make up a round face and conceal the roundness or to put it another way to make her look a little more elongated or profiled.

For a successful makeup round face this is what we recommend:

The first step to make up a round face is to outline the area of the face, this is something you should practice until you master it to perfection, as this will be the most important step to achieve lengthen your face. As you can see in the picture to make you use a highlighter or bronzer.
In the photo you can see the dark marks that is where you put the matte bronzer or darker powder after you've applied blend it well with a brush, you should also do with the illuminator. Pictured are the very highlighted profiled, you should do it subtle and barely noticeable, you can start with the cheeks and jowls using very little product.

Another very important and imprecindible trick to disguise a round face are the eyebrows. Eyebrows should be a little crowded and a little thick, then naturally arquealas and leave long.
Balancers’ This face and make everything below the eyebrows look more united and thin. Do not ever let the eyebrows thin and short, for the rest of your face you will not see huge balance on your face.


Another good trick is to get all the attention is focused on your lips, for this you can use bright colors such as red, use will shine more juicy lips and do all the attention go to your lips. Since then the colors you use are colors to coordinate with your clothes and your skin color. If you manage to have a good lip makeup makeup does go unnoticed your round face.


to see a slimmer face, smoky eyes will do the trick, other than it will make you look more sexy and attractive. This is a trick that gives spectacular results. I guess it's because the first thing you look at a person's eyes are, because if you follow the tips that people do go through high your round face.


Summer is coming and with it sand, beach and sun, and of course, all want to look beautiful and attractive for the occasion, so same day of bring post a little more specific, gorditas bikinis, swimsuits specific for large sizes that will make all the girls we meet sexy and cute.
I advise that if you do not find swimwear styles in your town do not put sad send any seamstress make your city, do not limit ourselves to search only in stores, we believe our own styles in swimwear for all body types.

The French edition of Elle magazine showed that contundencias curves and can be just as sexy aesthetic and what we're used to seeing bodies and pass it on thin. Elle magazine became a magazine cover model Tara Lynn shocking to demonstrate what can be super sexy gorditas, and show the clothes that are in fashion for gorditas.


Get trendy plus size clothing can be a nightmare; if you're chubby you must have experiment ented.
Still have to look far to find something that fits you well and if you are more skilled, you could send him to make. Also we have a special article on dresses.
That is why here we give you some alternatives so you can see what you are using currently fashionable gorditas, and for the summer, since having a size that is not common, does not mean we can not dress fashion wing.
Generally we tend to see the new collections in thin silhouettes of girls that seem made ​​perfect, but we forget that back to reality.
The vast majority of those who buy these garments, not only are not perfect, but are natural, which means in most cases, not having their slender figures.

Looking for chubby lingerie 2013?

Here you will find some of the sexy garments made ​​to your needs, and made an effort to select the best collection in terms in lingerie for gorditas.
Lingerie lace and transparency that will perfectly fit your style, we show you some options to make your special day memorable, not always have to be skinny to be sexy.

Beautiful lingerie, of course to meet their beautiful curves seductive or just to make you feel extra special underneath.